Hello, Hello!

I am a portrait photographer living in Frederick County, Maryland who loves to capture images of people at their best. I thoroughly enjoy searching for answers to important questions, and I have a special interest in all things photography. 

As a curious person I always want to understand the world around me. I absolutely enjoy meeting people and learning who they are, what they believe in, and most importantly, why they love to do what they do. As a portrait photographer I strive to capture the essence of that uniqueness in a single picture.

Why Senior Portraits?

Students have a lot going on in their lives, and I think its a blast to capture their personality, beauty, talent, and interests in photographs. 

As a parent of 6 kids I know how fast life moves. Teens grow up quickly, and I often find myself directing my kids to plan for their future. But photographs wonderfully work against that parental trend, and I'm thrilled when I present parents a photographic record of who their child is in a particular moment of time. It's actually quite an honor to provide these family heirlooms, marking a unique time in a young person's life. 

So when you are ready to celebrate an upcoming graduation or any major accomplishment, let's get together and have some fun under the lights! I'll help even the most camera shy person feel at ease, so they can experience the fun and energy of one of my senior photo sessions.

Why Headshots?

We live in an increasing visual world where we are often instantly judged on-line. I wish it wasn't so, but it's important for actors, dancers, corporate and on-line business folks - and even 'regular people' like you and me on social media - to make a great first impression. For that reason I'm strive to deliver a great photograph to my clients that successfully and quickly tells the world exactly who they are.

I'm honored to be a part of that visual introduction, and I look forward to photographing what you need, whether it is a headshot for an upcoming audition, your next on-line marketing campaign, or just something new for your social media profile. 

I look forward to working closely with you in a relaxed environment. Together we will figure out exactly what you want and need. I'm confident I'll get that shot, and make you look your best!

My love of Photography Started with the Stage

As a photographer I am drawn to the unique talents of actors and the beauty of the stage. Even as a young kid I was amazed by actors’ ability to put everything into their craft - working in harmony with others to create emotion in the audience through their performance. When that talent is combine with some awesome music, sharp costumes, and a big set, I'm totally hooked!

My love for theater got me to pick up my first professional camera. I absolutely love the unique challenge of successfully capturing the talent and beauty of the actors and dancers in my photographs. Every moment in a theater is fleeting and as a stage photographer I don’t have a second chance to get the photo right. Every shot becomes a little puzzle to solve – challenging me to instantly line up the shot, expose the scene properly, and clearly freeze the action while over a dozen actors or dancers are continuously moving on stage. That’s not an easy task. And that’s exactly why I find it so satisfying when I get the right shot.

If interested, you can find some of my stage pictures and links to select galleries here.

I also find great satisfaction, especially as a parent of several actors, how my photography is of benefit to the actors, directors and family and friends in the audience. Seeing others enjoy my pictures, which simply can't be equaled by a snap shot from a cell phone, is a thrill.

I’m humbled that directors use my photographs to create social media marketing campaigns to fill their theaters, print needed shots for lobby displays, create quality celebratory slide shows, and archive their work to build their professional portfolios.

Likewise, I’m very pleased that actors share my photographs with family and friends. It's exciting to hear actors tell me that my photographs successfully capture their experience on stage – the emotion they felt under the lights, the beauty of their costumes and the sets, and the relationships they formed with talented friends – and that they want to share my photographs with others.

I look forward to working with you to successfully capture who you are in a photograph or two. So please give me a call so we can talk about getting you some remarkable photographs. My photo sessions are fun, and you will love the experience and the final outcome - photographs that capture the spirit of who you are. Peace,​ Mike

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