Sports Photography

I've been shooting sports for years because I love the intensity of it all. Every play, every swing, every shot matters to an athlete. They train like crazy. They push their bodies beyond comfortable limits. And they challenge themselves to ever increasing levels. Why? For one single reason - to win.

That intense drive of the athlete brings out the biggest of emotions, which I strive to capture in interesting and memorable photographs.

Mount St. Mary's Men's Rugby:

Mount St. Mary's Women's Soccer:

Senior Day 2021 - Football, Cheer and Band:

Catoctin Baseball:

Catoctin Girls Basketball:

Catoctin Soccer Playoffs 2021:

Catoctin Girls Soccer 2021:

Catoctin Boys Soccer 2021:

Catoctin Unified Tennis 2021:

Catoctin Varsity Volleyball 2021 Pictures:

Catoctin Homecoming 2021 Pictures:

Please contact me if you would like me to cover your team. I'm available throughout the county.

If interested in some recent games, visit my gallery:

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